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But don’t take our word for it. Fuwarm products have been put to the test by thousands of shoppers just like you, and we are proud to say that their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Here you can find a small selection of reviews about Fuwarm, written by some of the most trusted voices in digital media. Many of the reviews have accompanying videos as well. Pages for individual products also feature aggregated Amazon reviews.

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Fuwarm Shape Light Reviews
"LOFTEK’s ‘Shape Lights’ do, however, make for interesting yard, pool, porch or patio decor. Or, in our case, really nice ambient lighting for an office." - GarageSpot
"This 8-Inch LED Ball Light Is Versatile And Fun" —  8-inch Ball LED night lamp GadgetReview

“A cool, stylish piece of decoration for any setting!” —Shop With Me Mama

“So versatile and easy to use!” —Celebrate Woman Today

“9/10.” —TekLyfe

“Not only is this a great party or decor light, it is also eco-friendly.” —Parenting Healthy

“Lightweight, well-made and super bright.” —The Mad Mommy

“I’m so incredibly happy with the unique look that Fuwarm LED lamps give our backyard and the fun we can have with them.” —Mom Knows It All

“I am thoroughly and totally in love with light!” —Peanut Butter and Whine



Fuwarm Nova Plus RGB Reviews

“Its heavy duty build quality and IP66 rating make it ideal for outdoor use in any condition.” —GadgetViper

“A solid and surprisingly fun gadget.” —Ask Dave Taylor

“It’s pretty cool and my kids love it.” —Tools in Action

“Very well built. Every bit of it feels solid.” —APH Networks

“A very strong, bright light that is easy to set up.” —Mac Sources

“Five stars.” —Dragon Blogger

“Well designed and built.” —The Outdoor Nerd

“Fuwarm’s Nova floodlight ticks all the boxes.” —OxGadgets


Fuwarm Pioneer Reviews
“A big, bright LED punch in a nice, neat, durable package that also doubles as a USB power bank." — Garagespot

“We were impressed by the quality of this flashlight and, most importantly, about how powerful the light is!” —TufiTech

“It’s rock solid, works great and I can highly recommend it.” —GadgetViper

“Puts out an incredible amount of light; comparable to that of a wall powered light.” —Ian McIlwraith

“Amazing.” —Dragon Blogger


Fuwarm Axis Reviews

“Impossibly handy for homes, cars, campsites, job sites and more.” —CNET

“Definitely a bright little LED work light, and being LED it doesn’t heat up like your traditional work lights do.” —Techaeris